How to Properly Store Your Car This Winter

How to Properly Store Your Classic Car This WinterHow to Properly Store Your Car This Winter

As winter approaches, many classic car owners are getting ready to store their cars for 4-5 months. While the Classic Car Insurance policy we offer does not have seasonal restrictions, you might still be limiting your occasional leisure rides and car shows during this time to avoid the cold. If so, it’s important to know that leaving your classic car unprotected, even inside a garage, during the winter can be damaging.

Below are some tips and ideas that will keep your classic car safe from icy winter conditions.

Clean and wax the finish. Be sure to wash the car first to remove any dirt and foreign particles. Also, be sure to store any waxes and cleaners you use inside your house during the winter since the freezing and thawing process can actually change their chemical compositions.

Check your coolant level. Make sure to correctly mix and fill your radiator with the proper coolant. If it’s been awhile, you might want to invest in a complete cooling system flushing process to ensure the job is done right.

Check your oil level. Some experts recommend replacing the oil and filter upon storage and then once again in the spring when you take your classic car out of storage. Whether you take this step or not, it’s still important to make sure the fluid levels are correct.

Prepare your fuel system. When gasoline sits, it can break down and form gum and varnish, which will clog a fuel system. Add a fuel stabilizer to your gas tank and run the engine for a few minutes to allow the agent to mix in with your fuel system lines.

Adequately cover the car. Invest in a breathable car cover. Don’t rely on a plastic tarp, as they don’t allow rising moist air to pass through. Adequate coverage is also important to prevent critters such as mice from seeking warmth in your vehicle.

Remove or disconnect the battery. When you do so, don’t place the battery on the concrete garage floor, since temperature fluctuations in the concrete will rob the battery and cause premature wear. If you have to store the battery on the floor, put a wood board down first, as this will serve as an insulator.

Bring the car off of the floor. It’s a very wise idea to place the vehicle on four heavy-duty jack stands and make sure you put some padding between them and the cars frame. This will relieve spring tension and will keep your classic car’s tires from flat spotting while resting in one place all season.

At Condon Skelly, we understand that your classic car is your pride and joy, and that you want to do everything you can to retain its appearance for years to come. We are able to insure a wide variety of collector vehicles, from original antiques to brand new exotic sports cars, as long as the vehicle is a true collectible. For more information, please contact us today. (866) 291-5694

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