Collector Car Trivia Answer

All hail the DAF! The DAF 600 set the world on fire in 1958, introducing several clever design features, but more importantly – the world’s first CVT! A good forty years before CVTs became popular in mainstream vehicles, DAF was blazing the trail with a transmission that had no gears. The CVT, or continuously variable transmission, operated on a belt that would infinitely adjust the transmission ratio to keep the engine in the power band whenever it was needed, and reduce the engine revs for maximum economy when the power wasn’t called for. A brilliant design that can now be found in trucks, sedans, sports cars, and hybrids, owning a DAF is truly owning a notable piece of car history.

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The revolutionary is…

The ’48 Tucker Torped0, also known as the Tucker Sedan. Only 51 copies were sold before a number of factors shuttered the Tucker factory, but the car still stood as a grand symbol of the time. An aspirational time for America – it was certainly a car with lofty aspirations of its own. Its enormous 589 cubic inch engine was daring, as was the styling, but the true innovation lay in the various and unique engineering concepts. The Torpedo was rear-engined, rear wheel drive, and had a third headlight in the middle of the vehicle that swiveled to illuminate the road when turning. Further, the vehicle was available with an automatic transmission, had a number of passive safety features, and had the gas tank up front. All of these coalesced into a brilliant design that would have revolutionized the auto industry, were the brand not put to death by circumstance and conspirators, namely the big three in Detroit.

New Collector Car Video

At Condon Skelly, we love attending car shows and events across the country. Recently, we decided to start working on some videos of our travel and all the great classic cars, customs, and hot rods we’ve seen. Check out the first in our series of classics from around the nation.


Collector Car Insurance Q&A

1. What are the eligibility requirements for collectible vehicle insurance?

Our collector car insurance eligibility guidelines are pretty simple. Your collectible vehicle’s primary driver must be a licensed driver for at least 5 years and have a clean driving record. (So rejoice! You have an excuse when your 16-year-old son asks to take over your wheels.) Every driver in your household must have a separate vehicle for daily use. You can’t use your pride and joy as an everyday vehicle or as a substitute when your regular car is in the shop. And when not in use, you have to keep your collectible in a secured garage.

2. How many miles can I drive my car each year?

As many miles as you like! We want you to have fun with your best friend, not limit your mileage. As long as your collectible vehicle isn’t your primary car, you’re covered for leisure use. So go ahead, show off your ride at club events and car shows. And by all means, drive it around town on a sunny day and even to dinner every so often. Your baby will love being taken for a spin.

3. Will you cover my vehicle while it’s being restored?

Of course! Restoration is vital to advancing your hobby and we want to make sure you’re covered while you (or anyone else!) is working on your collectible.