Condon Skelly On Claims: Storage Structures

Stacy, a Condon Skelly insured, stored her 1960 Mercedes Benz 190SL in a garage located on her property in Connecticut.  Her area usually avoids the destructive hurricanes that occur more frequently along the southeastern coastlines.  However, when Hurricane Sandy hit, an old Oak tree on Stacy’s property fell, crushing her garage and damaging her classic Mercedes.  Stacey was quick to call the claim in using Condon Skelly’s claim hotline at 877-371-9774.  The claims team acted immediately, and they were able to coordinate with her homeowner’s insurance to have all the damage appraisals done at the same time.  Just 3 weeks later, Stacey’s vehicle was repaired and ready to drive.

Is Your Garage or Storage Facility Safe?

With hurricane season in full swing, snow and ice aren’t the only elements to consider when evaluating the location where your classic vehicle is stored.  High winds accompanied with heavy rain can cause extensive property damage to inadequate storage structures. Additionally, it these conditions can affect the structures around your storage facility. Strong rain storms can cause trees to uproot and telephone poles to fall, which can cause damage to your garage and the vehicle inside.  Its best to make sure that the garage or storage building is safe before a problem occurs. Here are some things to consider:

How Can You Prevent this From Happening to You?

Inspect your garage or storage building.  Does it look strong and structurally sound?  Or does it have holes or rotting timbers or rusty or bent metal support beams?  Is it leaning, or is it straight?

Inspect the area surrounding your garage or storage location.  Is there anything that could fall on the building and cause damage during a severe weather event?

Determine the Condition of Trees in the Area

– Is the tree leaning?  If so, has the lean increased recently?  Does the tree look healthy?

– Are there any noticeable cracks, particularly at the base of the trunk?  This often indicates root decay and risk of the tree falling.

– Is the crown healthy with respect to full foliage in the growing season and good bud set for the winter? Root problems are often reflected in the condition of the crown.

– Are the limbs trimmed back?  A large limb falling can cause significant damage to a building.

Check the Condition of Your Storage Facility Roof 

Has the roof of your garage or storage facility had any leaks recently?  If so, it might be time to replace that roof.  High winds and heavy rains will cause more damage to an older roof.  Not to mention the property damage that water from a leak can cause to your prized auto.

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