The Gift of Collector Car Restoration

Companies like Lexus have received considerable and due scrutiny for such ludicrous suggestions as buying a loved one a new $50,000 vehicle as a surprise holiday gift in a time when most are still reeling from the recession. And while the expense is preposterous for all but the very wealthy, maybe there is a great idea buried in there somewhere.

There are a number of classic cars and collector cars in need of restoration throughout the United States. This is especially true of ‘modern classics’ – generally cars that are legally classics in the US but haven’t yet become popular. Most of these cars were made from around 1973 to 1991. Examples might include the Mazda RX-7, Honda Prelude, Jaguar XJ Series II & III, Citroen CX, or Alfa Romeo Milano.

These cars are typically available in repair-needed condition for relatively little money, and can make a great project for couples, a parent and child, or friends to work on together. A wealth of information and support is available online for a wide variety of classic vehicle restorations, and communities exist for enthusiasts around the country to support one another and have a good time. Though these models are somewhat less popular today, you never know – you might end up one of the lucky few who chooses the next great collector car!

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