Classic Car Insurance: Five Famous Rolls-Royce Models

Classic Car Insurance Five Famous Rolls-Royce Models

Classic Car Insurance: Five Famous Rolls-Royce Models

For over a hundred years, British automakers Rolls-Royce have been churning out luxury vehicles which have stunned, captivated and enthralled auto enthusiasts across the ages.  Known for quality, speed and luxury, Rolls-Royce vehicles have been record breakers and trend setters since their humble beginnings in 1904. Over the years the auto-brand has become a top vehicle producer and created some of the most cherished and sought-after British imports. They have left their mark on both the race track and popular culture.

Here are a few of the most famous Rolls-Royces:

  • 1933 Rolls-Royce Bluebird- Driven by Sir Malcolm Campbell, the Bluebird set the land speed record at 272.46 miles per hour. This record was later shattered by George Eyston who piloted a Rolls-Royce Thunderbolt at speeds of 312.2 miles per hour in 1937.
  • 1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom II: While the vehicle was well received at the time, it was not until its appearance in the 1964 Hollywood film The Yellow Rolls-Royce that the Phantom became a cultural icon. The film stared some of the top names in show-biz at the tie including Omar Sharif, Ingrid Bergman and Rex Harrison, which helped propel Rolls-Royce to even higher standing.
  • 1940s Silver Dawn- According to the company’s history, the Silver Dawn was the first Rolls-Royce to be sold with a standard steel body. The Silver Dawn was the first Rolls-Royce car to be offered with a factory built body which was made of all steel. Both the body and chassis of the Silver Dawn were shared with the Bentley Mark IV models. It was also the brand’s first export only model.
  • 1950s Phantom IV: The Phantom IV has been said to have been the most exclusive Rolls-Royce model ever built and one of the most elite vehicles in automobile history. Only 18 were ever produced and 17 of those were sold exclusively to royalty and heads of state. The royal family even made headlines when the young Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh broke a long-standing royal tradition of purchasing Daimler vehicles to purchase an all new Rolls-Royce Phantom IV. After this initial purchase, Rolls-Royce became the official suppliers of vehicles to the monarchy.
  • 1965 Phantom V: The Phantom V had many fans, most notably was rock legend John Lennon. According to Rolls-Royce, Lennon ordered a Phantom V directly from the factory, originally in all white. He later had the same vehicle repainted with a psychedelic design, and this Rolls-Royce is now one of the most valuable pieces of pop memorabilia according to experts.

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