Exotic Auto Insurance: Defining “Exotic” in Auto Terms

Exotic Auto Insurance Defining Exotic in Auto Terms

Exotic Auto Insurance: Defining “Exotic” in Auto Terms

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, by definition the term “exotic” means “very different, strange, or unusual”. Often applied to the physical appearance of an object or individual, the term “exotic” has also adopted the connotation of intrigue, mystique and complexity. When applied as a term used to both describe and classify vehicles, auto experts and enthusiasts have a few distinct criteria an auto must meet to be truly classified as an exotic vehicle in auction or appraisal.

If a vehicle classifies as “exotic” it will likely meet some of the following criteria:

Rarity- A fundamental tenant of an exotic vehicle classification is that they are difficult to come by. Limited production models, for example, are often some of the most prized and sought after vehicles and often fetch millions of dollars at auctions and private sales. Original batch vehicles, or models which were originally built to be made in limited quantities but became widely popular that the public demanded more, are also highly popular among collectors and enthusiasts. Exotic vehicle producers do not intended to sell to the general population, but rather appeal to a very specific buyer market. Their prestige and appeal are often generated as a result of their rarity and unattainability to all but a select few.

Customization- Exotic vehicles are often hand assembled, or created through non-standard manufacturing processes. These vehicles often rely heavily on personalization and customization and are typically built exactly to the specifications of either the owner or the designer. They also tend to incorporate new technologies, materials, and other non-traditional components into the function and design of the vehicle. Exotic vehicle will often have a story of creation which typically includes personal history of individuals or design teams. Most exotic vehicles will have “pedigree” papers or original documentation of all owners, dates of purchase and sale, maintenance records and other documentation.

PerformanceA key feature in many exotic vehicles are the extensive design elements geared towards enhancing the driver’s experience. Many exotic vehicles have competed in race or competitive environment, while others were designed for high-performance speed and driving pleasure. As opposed to other classes, the emphasis for exotic vehicles is most often speed and handling capabilities, along with style.

Look- Aesthetics are fundamental tenet of exotic vehicles design and classification. By nature, exotic vehicles tend to have strange and unusual appearances from concept to design. Many include unusual functions such as non-standard door designs or aerodynamic body designs, or enhanced motor designs, fuel systems and other features. However, exotic “look” is an ever evolving concept, what may be considered “exotic” in one generation of vehicles may become the norm later on.

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