Custom Car Insurance: History of the Hot Rod

Custom Car Insurance: History of the Hot Rod

Custom Car Insurance: History of the Hot Rod

Hot rods and roadsters are the foundation of a classic American auto tradition which dates back to the early 1930s. According to historians, the tradition of customizing factory vehicles in an effort to make them look, drive and feel faster has been present since the beginning of mass production. Many historians attribute Southern California as the original “home” of the hot rod scene, where young auto enthusiasts used to fix up and “hop-up” old vehicles for racing in dry lake basins.

The vehicles typically began as older, now classic American cars, which were modified to increase speed, styling and performance. Originally pieced together from junkyard metal scraps and broken down vehicles during World War II when steel was being allocated for the war effort, hot rods developed a very distinctive style and appearance. Over time enthusiasts began incorporating fiberglass body coverings and adornments as well. Large and powerful block engines, loud headers, big rear tires and polished chrome embellishments are hallmarks of a classic hot rod.

During the 1950’s hot-rodding became so popular that an entire culture began to emerge around street racing and car modification. Racing associations evolved and safety became a major issue which led to the formation of the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA) in 1951. The NHRA established universal rules to promote entertainment and safety within racing circles.

The 1960s and 1970s saw the rise of “street rods” which were hot rods modified such that they were legal to drive on public roads as every day vehicles. Due in large part to the prominence of muscle cars in the racing arena, emphasis for street rods shifted from speed and performance to style, comfort and safety. Street Rod racing events were governed and regulated by the National Street Rod Association which emphasized safety and promoted a family friendly environment.

Today there is still a vibrant hot rod culture in America which has spread throughout the world. The hot rod community is commonly subdivided into two main groups: street rodders and hot rodders. Hot rod enthusiasts still build their vehicles using a lot of original equipment, parts, and stylistic traditions of the 1940s through the 1960s, while street rods are typically built with newer materials.

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