Collector Auto Insurance: More Quirky Cars Collectors Love

Collector Auto Insurance More Quirky Cars Collectors Love

Collector Auto Insurance: More Quirky Cars Collectors Love

Auto collecting isn’t always about getting the best, the fastest, or even the most stylish vehicles ever made. Collectors choose their vehicles for countless reasons, sometimes for emotional investment other times for the potential to turn a profit. Jay Leno himself consistently advises collectors to think beyond the money and collect vehicles you love, whether they are ordinary, plain, simple or quirky or even down right flops.

Here are a few more understated collectable vehicles that you might never have thought to want:

  • Little Known American Brands: When you think American autos you undoubtedly think Chrystler, Chevy, Ford, GM and others which have survived the sands of time to become the cornerstones of the American auto market they are today. However, over the years there have been dozens of American automakers that have come and gone, leaving only traces of their brief existence behind. Crosley Motor Corporation, for example emerged out of Richmond, Indiana in 1939 producing compact convertibles, a pickup, a station wagon and a few other models which were popular choices during WWII when fuel rations were limited. Crosley vehicles were known for getting up to 50 miles to the gallon making them some of the most economical models of the era. Yet there production was brief and sporadic and by 1952 Crosley ceased vehicle production, making these vehicles a rare and fascinating historical find for some collectors.
  • Distinct Shapes or “Out-of-Place” Styling: When it comes to choosing quirky collectables, sometimes the simple novelty of finding a vehicles that just didn’t fit in at the time can be a fun choice. For example, the Pontiac Aztec was one of GM’s most recent flops due in large part to its unusual and awkward styling. At the time the vehicle was released it wasn’t a huge success with consumers who complained about everything from the Aztec’s shape and size to the lights and vents placement, despite the vehicles overall competency as a SUV crossover vehicle which were gaining in popularity. There are countless other examples of models that just hit the market at the wrong time or missed the mark on prominent styling trends which is want make them stand out to many collectors as memorable and worthy.
  • Military Inspired Rides: Military inspired vehicles have always been a niche market among collectors and some are harder to come by than others. The Hummer H1 for example, which was the precursor to the thinner and more streamlined H2 and H3 models of the present, was and still is a novelty. In 1999 the the H1 emerged as a joint venture between General Motors and AM General which was built on a heavily modified GMC 2500HD chassis. The rough- and-tough looking military inspired vehicle appeals to collectors who enjoy the look and performance capabilities of the heavy duty outdoor vehicle. For collectors, the most desirable model is the H1 Alpha which was discontinued in 2006.

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