Classic Motorcycle Insurance: Brough Superior

Classic Motorcycle Insurance Brough Superior

Classic Motorcycle Insurance: Brough Superior

The 3048 Brough Superior motorcycles that were produced from 1919 through 1940 were known as the “Rolls-Royce of Motorcycles”. George Brough was a racer and designer who created high performance motorcycles, and he manufactured motorcycles and cars with the Brough Superior signature during this time. Each bike was designed for an individual customer, being assembled twice. It was assembled once to fit the components and after that to paint all the parts as the customers preferred. In order to create the perfect bike, each machine was test ridden to make sure that its performances were at high level.

Due to the reputation of perfection and because of the high price, if a Brough Superior bike had any chance of failing a performance test, it was taken back to the shop. These motorcycles have always been rare, expensive, and preferred by many celebrities. The bike is still desired by a lot of motorcycle collectors, and is known as a legend in the motorcycle world. It’s a motorcycle that is known for the highest level of quality, innovation, and design in its product.

Although you will see Brough Superiors today, with 2014 unveiling their SS100 high performance luxury bikes, many collectors agree that there is nothing like the classic bikes from the early 1900s. Whether you own one of these bikes or another type of Classic Vehicle, we have the insurance products you need to protect your Vintage and Antique Cars and Motorcycles. Contact Condon Skelly today for more information about the coverages we offer.

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