Classic Car Insurance: History of the Mercedes Benz

Classic Car Insurance: History of the Mercedes Benz

Classic Car Insurance: History of the Mercedes Benz

Most people are aware of how luxurious a brand the Mercedes Benz is, but do you know how they originated? First off, their slogan, which is the German phrase “Das Bete oder nichts”, means “The best or nothing”, although this car company was not always the luxury brand we know of today. In fact, the first car, which is of course credited to Henry Ford for creating, was actually created by Karl Benz.

Karl Benz’s 1886 Benz Patent Motor Wagon is said to have been “one of the most outstanding innovations of its time” by many classic car enthusiasts. Just a few years later, in 1901, Gottlieb Daimler created a vehicle that he named Mercedes. Daimler, who was eventually the co-founder of Mercedes-Benz along with Karl Benz, gets credit for creating the first gas powered engine suitable for use in automobiles.

Perhaps more popular than the vehicles themselves is the iconic emblem we know for Mercedes-Benz. The evolution of this emblem has seen many different designs throughout the years. There are two emblems however that remain the most significant and identifiable.

The first emblem was created in 1909. The Benz & Cie. wanted to have the Benz name surrounded by a laurel wreath as their emblem. This logo was registered as trademark on August 6th, 1909. At the same time, auto manufacturer Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft had applied for legal protection for the Mercedes-Benz star on June 24th, 1909, and this was entered on the Register of Trademarks on February 9th, 1911.

Almost 25 years later, the star emblem was officially used as a badge and signet on both the Daimler vehicle as well as the Mercedes-Benz. On February 18th, 1925, both brands registered a new shared logo- Daimler’s Mercedes star inside Benz’s laurel wreath. This is said to have been a very symbolic action in anticipation of their merger, which happened on June 28th, 1926. It was from these beginnings that the Mercedes-Benz trademark developed, and is still used today.

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