Auto Shop Fire Causes Major Vintage Auto Losses

Auto Shop Fire Causes Major Vintage Auto Losses


Classic, vintage and specialty vehicles can be worth a great deal both financially and emotionally. Many owners invest their time, energy and hard earned money into perfecting and restoring their vintage rides. But accidents happen, and you can’t always prepare for them.That’s why having complete vintage car insurance is so important.

Imagine taking your prized vintage car into the shop to have some clean up and restoration done only to get a call from the shop owner saying that there has been an accident. That’s exactly what happened to auto owners in San Jose, California after a five alarm fire broke out in a building which housed a restoration auto shop that specialized in upholstery and a audit system instillation shop. While the fire was believed to have been an accident, the devastation was vast. According to local police officials the contents of the building were a “complete loss” including one collector’s ten vintage vehicles being garaged in the shop.

Finding the right coverage at an affordable rate can be challenging. Collectable vehicles have very different insurance needs than the average new vehicle and driver. One such need is the option for a policy structured upon an Agreed Value. Agreed Value auto insurance ensures that vintage auto owners will receive a vehicle’s full value in the event of a total loss, instead of a depreciated vehicle value which is common in most standard auto insurance policies. This helps collectors recover their full investment in the event of vintage auto losses.

At Condon Skelly we write policies specifically designed for the classic, vintage and specialty vehicles. We strive to keep your insurance costs low so that you can spend more time on the road. Our policies cost about 60% less than standard auto insurance companies, and they’re designed specifically for unique needs of classic and collector cars. While many classic car insurance policies restrict usage to 6 months, we make sure you get the most enjoyment out of your vehicle by removing mileage caps and To learn more about us and our specialty vehicle insurance programs, contact us today at (855) 735-2844.

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