Antique Motorcycle Insurance History of the Matchless Motorcycle

Antique Motorcycle Insurance History of the Matchless Motorcycle

Antique Motorcycle Insurance: History of the Matchless Motorcycle

Matchless is one of the oldest makes of British motorcycles, with the first models being manufactured at the start of the 20th century. This is truly a unique vehicle, with the original Matchless motorcycles being produced from 1901 only until the First World War.

Matchless was the trading name of Collier & Sons, the father H.H. Collier and his sons Charlie and Harry. The Matchless tank badge was a winged “M” and the brand actually started as a bicycle manufacturer, as did many motorcycle manufacturers of the time.

The first Matchless motorcycle prototype was made in 1899 with general production starting two years later in a factory in Plumstead, London.  It was the Isle of Man TT (IOM TT) races, though, that put the company on the motorcycle manufacturing map.

Matchless actually had a long history of racing participation and success. A Matchless, ridden by Charlie Collier, won the first single cylinder race in the first IOM TT in 1907 with an average speed of 38.21 mph in a time of 4.08.08. The Matchless machines won again in 1909 and 1910. Versions of the Matchless motorcycle have participated in many IOM TT and Manx Grand Prix races up to 1997 with varying success.

This is just a brief history of the Matchless motorcycle, one of the antique vehicles that we insure at Condon Skelly. Your vehicle will fall into the antique category if it is completely original and at least 25 years old. We insure many different types of antique cars, trucks, and motorcycles so we’ll be able to craft the perfect policy for your vehicle. Please contact us today for more information. (866) 291-5694

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