5 Popular Questions about Collector Car Insurance

  1. Is coverage available seasonally?  – Definitely! At Condon Skelly we’re flexible to your changing needs. During the off-season when your collectible vehicle isn’t being used, we’ll be happy to insure your vehicle for comprehensive coverage only.
  2. Do collector car insurance policies offer deductibles? – Yes. Usually there are a variety of deductible options. Because annual premiums are so low, many customers choose to have a zero deductible, but several different options are available.
  3. What are Condon Skelly’s garage requirements? – When you’re not out driving or showing you classic or antique vehicle, we require that you keep your pride and joy in a fully enclosed, locked garage.
  4. What is Agreed Value? – Agreed Value policies guarantee that in the event of a total loss – resulting from an accident, theft or anything else – you’ll receive your collectible vehicle’s full value. And you’ll know what that value is right when you file your claim, because it’s the value agreed upon when you set-up your policy.
  5. How much insurance should I carry on my car? – You should always insure your vehicle to its market value or your most recent appraisal value. By insuring your vehicle to its market value, you’ll be ensured to receive its highest value in the event of a total loss. And your limits must be equal to the limits on your everyday car policy.

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