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Christmas in August


The summer driving season is quickly coming to an end for most of the country. It seems like it just started. With that, the flurry of world class shows and auctions on the Monterey Peninsula once again marked “Christmas in August” for car enthusiasts from around the world.

Condon Skelly client at show A common concern in the hobby is the high cost associated with attending these shows. When I first began attending the Pebble Beach Concourse, tickets were just $75; this year they were $350. The Motorsports Gathering at the Quail is one of the priciest shows, with the exclusive tickets priced at $600 each. There are many other events to attend as well, ranging from vintage racing at Laguna Seca, to local shows in communities like Pacific Grove. The Monterey Peninsula events offer a lifetime worth of classic car immersion in just one week. It is truly the Superbowl for cars. When you think about it that way, it is one of the best deals going in the car hobby. Regardless of your budget, there are ways for everyone to enjoy the events.

Sure you could pay the big dollars to see the cars on full display with handlers cleaning the dirt out of the tire treads with Q-tips, but my advice is a bit different.

Pull into the Rio Grill and you are likely to park next to a $3M Ferrari like the one in the picture that I passed on the street. Relax and sit along Ocean Drive in Carmel on Thursday and you will see Ferrari160 of the registered Pebble Beach show cars line up for an hour as the drivers stop to have lunch during their annual tour. Walk around the parking lot of the hotel you are staying at and admire the exotic beauties parked right out front next to your rental.

Here is the secret. The entire Peninsula is a show- and 95% of it is free, up close, and personal. The NFL hides their stars away before the Super Bowl, giving glimpses only to the media. However, this “Super Bowl for Cars" has its stars on display everywhere you turn for all to see in the days leading up to the big show.

The Pebble Beach week is for everyone who has a passion for automobiles and attending it must be on your bucket list. The good news is that you don’t need to sell your muscle car or jeopardize your retirement to enjoy "Christmas in August".

Happy Motoring!
Jim Kruse, Director of Condon Skelly



Air Cooled Insurance Program


Condon Skelly is excited to announce a new partnership with Mid America Motorworks, one of the largest suppliers of parts and restoration supplies to Volkswagen owners in the country. The Air Cooled Insurance Program is unique in that we can now offer coverage for all air cooled Volkswagens, no matter what type they might be. From Beetles to Westfalia’s, we are now the home for these unique and quickly appreciating collector cars.
vw 1 If you have a VW that might qualify for this new program, please call 800-257-9496 or email us to speak to one of our VW underwriting professionals today.

If you are searching for the perfect part for your VW, please look to Mid America and their team of VW technical advisers.
vw 2 Members of the Condon Skelly team will also be joining thousands of Corvette and Volkswagen enthusiasts at Mid America Motorwork's Corvette Funfest in September in Effingham, IL. Look for our team to find out more about our Air Cooled Insurance Program. We look forward to insuring your fun!


Meet the Team


Bruce Weed, Sales Director

bruce weed

I recently celebrated my 5th anniversary as Sales Director at Condon Skelly, a role in which I am responsible for assisting with value increases and other endorsements. I also travel to both local and national car shows and events, where I enjoy the opportunity to meet with current and potential customers. During the off-season, I attend local car club meetings to speak about collector car insurance. I have become a CS client myself, owning both a 1968 Pontiac GTO convertible and a 1972 Corvette convertible.

When I was a youngster, my father was a partner at two insurance agencies and my grandfather was a car dealer. Prior to joining Condon Skelly I spent 25 years as the owner/dealer of Weed Chevrolet Co Inc in Bristol, PA—a dealership run by my family since 1926.

When General Motors experienced some hard years, my family decided to sell the franchise and property. While I miss our former customers and employees, I have found a new home at Condon Skelly and appreciate our customers and my fellow employees every day.

My wife Kim and I celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary this year, and have lived in our Washington Crossing, PA home for over 21 years (hard to believe!). We have a son, Jared, two dogs, and two cats that keep us busy.


Condon Skelly
on Claims


Frank recently retired and was excited to take his 1970 Plymouth Cuda out more often during his newfound free time. Frank loved his car but during his later working years he didn’t get many opportunities to drive his prized auto. Over the previous decade, he frequently tended to his Cuda and kept up with basic maintenance to avoid any issues with his vehicle. He never really thought to check the tires since he rarely took the vehicle out on the road.

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Frank took his Cuda out for a ride on the highway. As he was gaining speed, the front right tire blew and the tread flew off. The distraction caused him to lose control of his vehicle striking a median on the highway. Luckily, Frank was not hurt and no other vehicles were involved, but the freed tread damaged the fender and door area.

After having his vehicle towed to the body shop, Frank immediately reported the incident to Condon Skelly’s claims handling team. After completing the investigation and appraisal, it was determined that the failure was due to the age of the tire. Our claims team quickly completed the appraisal and issued payment to the body shop. Frank’s Cuda was road ready in no time!

Frank thought his tires were perfectly fine to be on the road. The tread depth was in good condition as was the tire pressure. He did not even think about the fact that his tires were nearly 12 years old. As hard as it may be to dispose of an old tire with a healthy looking tread, that is exactly what he should have done. Studies show that a tire older than 7 years, regardless of use, poses an increased risk of failure. The chance of a failure increases significantly after 10 years.

Proper maintenance is key to protecting your collector vehicles. Visit our blog for more tips and tricks to keep your car road ready and avoiding common claims. We love insuring your fun!

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2015 Condon Skelly Car Show Rescheduled

Condon Skelly Car Show

This year, we scheduled the Condon Skelly Car Show for our usual September weekend, only to find out that the Pope Francis will be visiting Philadelphia that weekend for the World Meeting of Families. In response to the large amount people who will be attending the event, as well as the expected travel delays and road closures across the Greater Philadelphia region, we have decided to reschedule the annual show and hold it in the spring. Although we will miss our show this fall, we are excited to host two shows in 2016, one in April and another in the fall! Stay tuned for more details.


Come See Us at These Upcoming Car Shows


Corvettes at Carlisle
calendar August 28-30, 2015 in Carlisle, PA

Auburn Fall
September 2-6, 2015 in Auburn, IN

Maple Shade Car Show
September 12, 2015 in Maple Shade, NJ

Corvette Funfest
September 17-20, 2015 in Effingham, IL

Good Guys Lone Star Car Show
October 2-4, 2015 in Fort Worth, TX

Hershey Car Show
October 7-10, 2015 in Hershey, PA

Cruising the Coast
October 8-12, 2015 in Biloxi, MS


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