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Thanks for a Great Season


With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s time to give thanks for our family and friends--even those who may not be excited about the time your clients spend working on their classic car while the bathroom sink is leaking. But at its core, the car hobby has always centered on the people who own them and those who provide support: from local mechanics to companies like Condon Skelly that help to insure your passion.

Yager FamilyWith that in mind, I am excited to announce our extended partnership with the first family of Corvettes, the Yagers, and their company, Mid America Motorworks. Together, we have created the C-Series Insurance Program.

A true American success story, Mike Yager started with nothing and has created a business empire focused on Corvette’s, VW’s, and his family. Too often people have chosen one over the other, but the Yager family has found a balance that works for everyone. I hope you enjoy their message and take time to read the Mid America Motorworks story, and visit the MY Garage Museum and retail store. We are grateful to be partners with this outstanding company.

Finally, as we approach winter, our claims spotlight focuses on garages and other structures that can collapse from ice and snow. These collapses happen every year, and most could be avoided with some preventative maintenance. Remind your clients to look up in their garages and ensure their shingles are all in place. Water and ice can find the smallest places to exploit and before you know it, a ceiling comes down. We will make sure that their cars get repaired, but avoidable claims are always the most frustrating for owners. Be careful and enjoy all that the season has to offer.

Happy Holidays!

Jim Kruse
Director of Condon Skelly


C-Series Insurance Program

C1956_Aztec_Copper_.jpgondon Skelly is excited to announce our extended partnership with Mid America Motorworks, one of the largest suppliers of parts and restoration supplies to Corvette owners in the country. Our unique C-Series Insurance Program offers coverage for all Corvettes—regardless of series or type. We are now the home of fantastic collector Coupes, T-Tops, Pace Cars and even the monster ZO6.

If your clients has a Corvette that we do not currently insure, please call 800-257-9496 or email us to speak to one of our C-Series underwriting professionals today.
If your clients are searching for the perfect part for your Corvette, please encourage them to visit Mid America Motorworks and their team of technical advisers.

Be sure to look out for members of the Condon Skelly team at Corvette shows around the country in 2016 as we travel with Mid America Motorworks. We look forward to insuring your fun!


Condon Skelly on Claims


John, a retired Condon Skelly insured, cherished his 1973 Lamborghini Espada. Being a New Jersey resident, he primarily drove during the spring and summer months and stored his vehicle in his garage during the winter months.

Last February, NJ received a significant amount of snow fall. Although there were no major storms, snow from a number of small storms accumulated over time. John did not realize just how much snow was accumulating on the roof of his garage, and soon the weight became too much, causing the roof to collapse. This caused significant damage to all contents inside, including his prized auto.

John was able to quickly report the collapse via our claims reporting email, In an effort to make things easier on John during this stressful time, we coordinated our appraisal on the vehicle with John’s homeowners insurance to estimate the damages. Unfortunately, we determined that the vehicle was a total loss.

John had experience rebuilding cars, so he decided to keep the salvage on his vehicle and use his settlement money to restore his Lamborghini. We recently received a picture of John’s newly restored vehicle and a thank you note for the terrific service we provided.

Like many other claims we handle, this snow-rake2.jpgsituation could have been avoided all together if John had remembered to remove the snow. Remind your clients to remove snow while it is still fresh. The weight of 10-12 inches of "new snow" is equal to about 3-5 inches of old, compacted snow or 1 inch of ice. Try to remove snow within a few hours of the end of the snowfall.

However, we must emphasize that no one should EVER climb on the roof to remove snow. The risk of injuries sustained from a fall far outweighs the benefits of removing the snow from the roof. We recommend that your clients purchase a roof rake that will help them to remove the snow safely from the ground. You can find them online for as cheap at $40. A small investment can go a long way in protecting the large investment sitting in the garage! 

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Partner Spotlight

Mike Yager, Chief Cheerleader
Mid America Motorworks

Mike YagerIn 1974, Mike Yager, a 24-year old tool-and-die maker, recognized the passion others like himself shared for Corvettes. Mike took a risk, borrowed $500 and began selling jackets, embroidered T-shirts, drinking glasses, owner's manuals, emblems and jewelry to the loyal Corvette constituency out of the trunk of a borrowed car. Working weekend swap meets, Corvette specialty shows and other automotive functions, this energetic entrepreneur recognized the then unknown potential of selling automotive accessories to people, instead of just parts for cars. After all, it was people who shared Mike’s passion.

Word quickly spread among Corvette enthusiasts that Mike offered quality products and exceptional Customer Care. Not surprisingly, his business grew rapidly. Acknowledging that his part-time hobby now required his full attention, Mike produced his first two-page, black-and-white mail order flyer. Today, Mid America Motorworks’ catalogs serve Corvette enthusiasts around the world, with visitors stopping by the MY Garage Museum to see the Yager Collection from Switzerland, England and China to name a few.

In 1994, Mike welcomed customers and enthusiasts to the first-ever Corvette Funfest, an event that has grown to welcome thousands of Corvettes each September. In 1998 Mike expanded the business from Corvette only when he acquired The Real Source, a supplier of Volkswagen parts and accessories. Business grew again in January 2002, with the addition of Performance Choice, a venture into interior manufacturing that produces high quality floor mats, seat covers and soft trim pieces at the most reasonable prices.

Mid America Motorworks once again took the lead in changing the automotive hobby in 2013, by launching a brand new e-commerce website. Visitors to the site will find technical information, Corvette and Volkswagen features, product diagrams, videos, tips and of course, thousands of parts and accessories for Corvettes and Air-Cooled Volkswagens.

Mid America Motorworks now mails millions of Corvette catalogs every year to customers worldwide. Catalogs are updated throughout the year and the website is updated in real time, as new products are added to the growing list of hard parts, accessories and lifestyle items that allow enthusiasts to “pursue their passion” at Mid America Motorworks. 


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