Where Can You Find the Best Classic Car Shows?

Where Can You Find the Best Classic Car Shows

Where Can You Find the Best Classic Car Shows?

As the weather warms up nationwide, classic car enthusiasts are beginning to attend or participate in classic car shows. There are many types of car shows out there, from those that focus on showcasing vehicles, to others that involve trading and selling parts. No matter where you live, there is bound to be a great classic car show around your area this summer. Many sites, including, list a vast amount of car shows; below are some of the best in the U.S.

Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance

This annual car show is a charitable event, held in Pebble Beach, California on the third week of August. The event is split into various sections; a fundraiser, auction, and social event. Considered the most prestigious event of its kind, attendees must be invited to the show.

Wells Motor Company Car Show

Held in Avon Park, Florida, the Wells Motor Company car show is an opportunity for classic car enthusiasts to get a glimpse of more than 150 classic cars in various makes and models. Wells Motor Company is the only Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge dealer in the area, and this car show is free for attendees and registered vehicles.

Cars and Coffee

This informal classic car show originated in Irvine, California, and has turned into a staple activity for Southern California classic car enthusiasts. It occurs every Saturday, year round. Cars and Coffee is currently expanding into many metropolitan areas throughout the country.

Charlotte Auto Fair

This event is held in the Spring as well as the Fall, with the next one occurring September 20-23. Taking place on the 1.5 mile stretch of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, it is one of the largest classic and customer car gatherings on the east coast.

The classic car shows mentioned above are just a few of the great events throughout the country. No matter what type of classic car you own, or if you are thinking of purchasing a classic or collector vehicle, Condon Skelly has the insurance policy you need to financially protect your investment. We can insure a wide variety of vehicles, from original antiques to brand new exotic sports cars, as long as the vehicle is a true collectible. Please contact us today to learn more.

The Rising Value of Japanese Classic Cars

The Rising Value of Japanese Classic Cars

The Rising Value of Japanese Classic Cars

The last decade has seen the introduction of many notable classic and antique cars. Some of the most iconic antique cars just celebrated their 50th anniversary this year, including the Pontiac GTO, 1964 ½ Mustang, and the ’64 Studebaker Excalibur. While all of these cars have their place in the hearts of classic car enthusiasts, there is a group that is becoming immensely popular in very recent years. That is, Japanese classic cars.

According to an article by reporter Charles Fleming of the LA Times, back in 2006 vintage car collector  Terry Yamaguchi paid $5,000 for a bright orange 1973 Datsun 240Z, to sell it a couple years later for only a little more than she paid for it to begin with. What’s it worth now? A surprising $20,000!

This significant price hike is not limited to the 240Zs either, according to Fleming. He reports that the value of Japanese classic cars has skyrocketed in recent years, noting that a 70’s Toyota Celica could cost up to $20,000 and a well-maintained Datsun 510 has the potential to go for as much as $25,000!

Ironically, the growing popularity in Japanese collector cars is due in part to the fact that they’re cheaper than American or European classics. Mike Malamut, a retired car dealer who’s been collecting for 35 years, calls collecting Japanese classics a “way to enter the collector hobby for relatively little money”.

This idea of collecting Japanese classics is still foreign to many, however many classic car events on the West Coast are now centered around Japanese “nostalgic” cars. A few Japanese classics that stick out to collectors in particular are Mazda’s rotary-powered pickup trucks, 80s Mistubishis, and old Skylines.

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